What’s in the lunchbox?

I have been volunteering at my child’s school during the Kindergarten lunch period, and it is quite an entertaining and interesting time. 🙂 When I volunteer, I help the kiddos open their food items, such as milk, animal crackers, and jello and have seen some really funky things in their boxes…

One child asked me to open his thermos for water for his soup – that he was going to dip his cold pizza into…yuck! Another child had two Capri Suns with a big ol’ burrito packed in a gallon baggie (it would not have fit in a sandwich size). He said he was not going to eat the burrito–I would not have either. Then another little one pulled out a baggie of at least three cut-up, cold hot dogs…EW!!! One more child had a wooden kabob skewer he used to dangle a banana piece in front of another kid’s face. Okay…

Anyway, my point is that many of the kids’ lunches were kind of gross, and I felt bad for them. Maybe they like cold pizza and hot dogs but they can expire during the day, so it’s better to save them for home if possible.

I realize we can’t make super tasty and awesome lunches everyday, but try to keep in mind that if you won’t eat something, maybe your kids won’t either. Save the funky stuff for the hubby’s lunch–Ha Ha!! I am kind of kidding as my hubby will eat almost anything, within reason.

A lot of the little kiddos can’t open their items and not all schools have volunteer programs to help during lunch so maybe try to keep that in mind when packing the little lunches. You can even slightly open items or replace the packaging. This gives them more time to eat (not waiting for someone to open it) and maybe puts more in their tummies.

When I was little, I begged and begged my mom to let me take my lunch (cuz my friends did), but she had me eat school food everyday.

Aside from moldy stuff you forgot to clean out, what is the grossest item you have ever found in your lunch box?


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