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Bumps and Bruises

Ever since my family moved to AZ, from MN, in 1990, I have ached to go back. Something about ,AZ, just does not feel like home to me. I think it might be the lack of seasons where we live, everyday looking the same and the heat gets to me as well; as I am naturally warm all the time.  Unexpectedly, we got an amazing offer to go live in MN, last year, so we picked up our little family and moved there.

Even though we were elated to move, it was hard at first, for the kids and myself, actually to get settled there because we were dealing with our house in ,AZ ,on the market and meeting new friends and getting to know a somewhat unfamiliar town. Also, I found out that there is something very unsettling about leaving my adult friends and my somewhat successful business behind. You find yourself in the middle of somewhere that you thought would feel comfortable but then just feel empty. Definitely, a growing chance. A chance to rediscover yourself.

After, being in, MN, for  about 6 months, my husband was called back to work in , AZ, so here we are again, until the summer. ..

Our house was still on the market, so we removed it and are going to re-0vamp it so it feels new to us. Honestly, in the 8 years we lived here, I never really made it my own ( with paint and design) and am kind of excited at the chance.  Moving back in, I see all of the imperfections and damage my business and family have made to it, while we were busy living in it.

So, for the next few months I am busy with this new challenge and it’s kind of fun! So far , I have had the garage ceiling light fixture fall and hit my head to give me a concussion as well as the window blinds falling on my shoulder and giving me a never ending bruise.. It will heal and my home will have all its bumps and bruises fixed as well.

This should be interesting!

Project is on….


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